More Random Updates: Of Life, Work, and WordPress

Time for another random hello sort of post.  Of course it's November, so it's National Novel Writing Month time.  Also still churning away on the documentation of our next project before we begin coding and I've gotten my feet wet with WordPress.


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So this week, I discovered something new in MySQL (well, new to me). A common query one might need to run is to get a list of rows from one table and it's related rows in a connected table.  But rather than having individual rows for each unique combination, wouldn't it be nice to have a single row with nice list of matching values as our second field?  Well, now I know I can do this, at least in MySQL :-)


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Overdue Update

Wow, it's been nearly two months since my last post!  Whoops! I'm still around, it's been a strange mix of quiet and hectic lately.  So here is a bit of an update on my professional coding stuff as well as on the stuff keeping me busy in my personal life, like kitchen remodeling!


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Advancing My First Zend App, Part 3: Flipping the Layout

For today's post, I made a function for getting random items from the DB and finished the Movies home page, then started work on flipping the layout based on the section of the site you are in.


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Replacing CFGrid with DataTables, Part 3: Editable Grids

Bet you thought I forgot about this series, eh? :-)  Finally got some free time again and wrote up the last of the CFGrid to DataTables articles.  It took a little longer than I planned because of the launch of DataTables 1.10.0 since the last one was posted and it throwing some new learning curves at me.  For this round we're looking at doing in-table or grid editing, i.e. click the table field and edit it right there or insert a row without a pop up.  Great for simple data rich displays!  So let's get to it.


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