MySQL Tricks: Splitting Strings

Quick post to talk about my recent discovery of MySQL's substring_index function and how I used it to avoid writing out code when really I just needed a single query.  This post also has a quick update on the WordPress conversion status.


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Finding a Key in An Array

While working on some wizards in my application, I found I needed to recursively search arrays and get the value for a known key.  Lots of PHP functions to get the key for a known value, but there seemed to be none to do the opposite, so I wrote a quick little recursive function.


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Coming Name Revealed, Next Steps

The new site name is registered and the domain pointing here, for now.  Going back to my web "roots", the site will be renamed to Eclectic Thoughts with the URL (the URL without the dash was taken).  I already mentioned in the last post how my first site is turning 20, and it has been An Eclectic World since then.  When I freelanced, I operated under the name Eclectic Designs.  And my LiveJournal is currently called Eclectic Thoughts. 

I was torn between Eclectic Thoughts and Eclectic Developer, however in the end I decided on Thoughts because I intend to merge in some of my more personal posts here and basically reduce myself down to just having this one blog instead of two. If I went with Developer, I felt like I was putting a limit on posting to just Developer, as well as sticking myself in a box of  just being a "Developer" rather than being the total package of "Me". The redone site will still have developing topics, but yeah, I also want to feel free to talk about whatever is on my mind - and while I suspect you guys are like "so then just do it" my brain is so legalistic it just won't let me because of what I call the site LOL

Anyway, now comes the real challenges:

  1. Finding a suitable WordPress theme
  2. Finding a suitable plugin/mechanism for the SyntaxHighlighter
  3. Writing the conversion scripts to move from Mango to WordPress that not only do the actual RSS set up but also scrub/update the entries for the new system
  4. Write more conversion scripts to move any LiveJournal entries I decide to import over
  5. Figure out how to get it all set up - my hosting package allows me 3 sites, which I'm using. So I'll probably have to do the initial stuff offline then do a manual import to get the site going.  Messy, but I've done it before. :-)
  6. When ready to go, flip the domains and what not - more than likely this will happen with #5 and the site will go to "maintainence" mode for a day or two

And doing all that while still working on the big project at work which is now 3 months behind and counting...aiming for June come hell or high water.  I'm working upwards of 12-13 hour days to play catch up, leaving me very little time to do other things like blog, write scripts, etc.  Usually by the time I get home, I just veg with a book or playing a video game. So this is a slow project, but it is underway!

Hopefully sometime this week, maybe over the weekend, I can also get together a post I'm wanting to do on advanced querying with Zend Selects, like dealing with nested unions, group_concat, etc.

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Of Past, Present, and Future

Howdy ho!  Me again with another random “yes, I’m still alive” check in. 

Sorry for the continued long stretches without posts.  I have a crap ton of stuff I keep meaning to post about, but I’m also significantly behind on a major project at work so it’s eating most of my time.  I also had some major stuff going on in my personal life (mostly good stuff) that also took a ton of my time over the last few months. 

This year I will be celebrating An Eclectic World’s 20th anniversary – yes, seriously.  It first came online in September 1995!  Holy cow…it is fun (and embarrassing) to go back through some of the snapshots for it.  Fortunately for me, they don’t have any from those first few years before it had it’s own domain. :-P

Which also means I’ve been doing something web design/development related for 20 years…damn that’s a long time!  Of course, back when I coded that version of my site, it was all hand coded HTML written out in a basic text editor, I think PICO if I remember right. 

The web was still rather shiny and new to most of us then, so my plain text site was “impressive”.  Now it would just look old and embarrassing beside the stuff I produce today, but it was where I got started so I’ll always have fond memories of it.

Anyway, enough tripping down nostalgia lane.  I admit, the lack of posting that I’ve been able to do did make me consider shutting down this site, sending it to the same graveyard as my old anime/manga blog.  But I don’t really want to do that, in no small part because I also use this site for my own self-referencing, especially stuff I haven’t seen posted about in a lot of other places. :-P 

But there will be changes coming.  I haven’t fully decided on some stuff, but I do know that:

  1. the site will be going through a rename (yes, again); I’ll reveal the new name next month after I snag the domain name :-P (of course, this domain will redirect to it once it’s live)
  2. I will be switching to WordPress – Mango Blog is clearly dead and I believe WordPress will meet my needs fine; the only thing I haven’t found yet, mostly because I haven’t searched yet, is a syntax highlighter for posting code snippets. I’m sure there is one though.
  3. Probably a new look due as much to the difficulty in adapting my template to WordPress than anything else
  4. Greater focus on the things I work with now: PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress, CSS, and MySQL, and less on ColdFusion, PostgreSQL, and other technologies I’m moving away from.

I don’t have a full time line for all of these changes, but my target goal is to at least have the first three done before the end of the year, and more ideally within a month or two of actually being done said project at work (or at least to the point I’m not putting in 11-12 hour days and weekends).

I am also considering merging my personal blog into this site, at least to some degree.  LiveJournal, where my blog is hosted, is still active, but most of the people I knew there are not and it doesn’t seem like most people are interested in joining it just to read stuff.  Whether I do that will depend on being able to set up Wordpress well for having “friend only” entries (like LiveJournal) and if I decide I want to leave LiveJournal.  If I do take that step, this site would then have more personal entries mixed in with my web developing stuff, at minimal my monthly goal check ins and the like.

So that’s kind of what’s going through my head around ColdFusion Beyond right now.  Again, apologies for the lack of actual “content” type posts, but more than likely that quiet will keep going the rest of this month and into May while I work my crazy schedule. 

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Developer's Tool Bag: Generating Code

Popping back in to talk about speeding up the monotonous part of coding: making the initial models that are just basic set up stuff.  My old way, Dreamweaver RegEx search/replaces doesn't work for the PHP style we're doing, so time to make a new way! 


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