Relooking at Frameworks

So today my partner and I really sat down to talk about the issues we've been having with CakePHP and to start the decision making process.  We once again started researching the various framework options, including talking about the potential cons of using one of the "dead" ones, like CodeIgniter.  As part of this process, we found a lengthy video on that goes through why to use a framework (and when you might not need to), the types of frameworks, and so forth.  For most of the video, though, it takes a deeper look at four frameworks (Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP) including general details, pros, cons, and a good look at how apps built with these frameworks will look, be organized, and then the actual code.  It is about 2 years old, but it is still a pretty good video to watch. 

What came of it?


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The Cake is a Lie!

At this point it would be fair to say I really really do not like CakePHP. In fact, I hate it.  Almost two weeks of trying to learn this framework has made me loath coming to work.  It isn't coding, it's figuring out how to do the most convoluted configurations to instruct cake how to write the app for you.  The "code" you have to write for all this configuration is bloated, ugly, and makes no sense.

So time to rant about CakePHP, PHP frameworks in general, and the frustrations of the last week or two.


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Getting Started With CakePHP

As promised in my last post, this week I'm starting to dip my toe into CakePHP, the framework we've chosen to use for our first PHP application. After confirming my partner already had Cake's core code installed on our dev box, I started going through the "Getting Started" section of their extensive tutorial, which includes the initial creation/set up of a new Cake App and creating a very basic blog application.  It was an experience, to be sure.


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Semi-Practical PHP Practice: Guess the Number

When I expressed my growing boredom with just doing random PHP tutorials, my sweetie suggested I do what he does when he's learning a new language: write a guess the number game where users try to "guess a number between 1 and 100" that also gives players an indication as to whether their guesses are high or low and, of course, when they get it right. 

Me being me, I decided to take it a few steps further.  In the hidden object adventure games I am so fond of, a regularly occurring puzzle is having to guess a 4 digit number with a limited number of guesses.  For each guess, the system tells you if each number is far off, close, or correct rather than high/low.  If you run out of guesses, the number resets. So I decided to try making a game like that. :-)

Fair warning - this post is rather large :-)


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Even More PHP Learning: Codecacademy

At this point, I'm pretty much done with the Beginning PHP5 book.  The next chapter was on XML, then the rest was DB stuff and OO programming.  Decided it was time to move on to something at least somewhat more up-to-date.  So I decided to go through some of the PHP stuff at Codecacademy (free).  I have to say, the interface they use for their lessons is pretty nifty and the checking of your work seems to mostly work. Sometimes it allows you to be a little flexible, while other times not so much.  Anyway, you can see my profile on there if you're bored.


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